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Video is today’s most powerful marketing tool. In our workshops we show you how to get video marketing right. Book a Workshop Now

What you’ll learn in a Video Marketing workshop

The Right Equipment

There are tons of cameras and lighting to choose from. In our live workshops, we will show you what equipment to use and how you can get the best shot, every time.

The Right Content

Stories, when well told, win hearts. We will show you storyboarding, scripting and “on-camera” techniques that will keep your viewers engaged.

The Right Production

We show you both pre- and post production strategies to on how to plan, shoot and edit your videos to be powerful marketing tools.

“In 2017, 90% of all content shared by users on social media was video.”


What makes my Workshops Different?


There are videographers who can teach you how to produce a commercial. But, they can be expensive and don’t teach you how to find out what the market wants.

On the other hand:

There are marketing courses to guide you to discover what your customer wants, but who don’t know video. My workshops bring the best of both together in one place.

Showing you how to create:

Content that helps you succeed in business.

“Thank you so much. Persistent myths shattered. Steps given to create useful content that will drive traffic and produce value for customers. One of the best webinars I have ever attended.”

Sasha Faynor – Wells Fargo

Don’t have time to learn but still want to take advantage of the
power of video marketing? Let us do it for you.

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