how to grow your business
with video marketing  

Presented by Antoine Dupont

Video Marketing

Video is THE “must have” marketing tool for every South Florida business in 2018. It is one of the most effective tools for the longterm success in the digital age.

In fact:

Cisco estimates that over 80% of all internet interaction will be video…

…AND recent studies have shown that video creates 1,200% more social shares than text and image combined.

It is clear:

Video wins at marketing in the digital age.

In the Video Marketing Essentials keynote, Antoine shares his professional experience on how to make and promote branded videos that get bring you clients and ultimately, revenue.


Great session at MPI WEC Antoine! I have a couple hundred thousand hits on YouTube and didn’t understand how to build it. I got more out of your session than any other including my own speakers in a bureau I own! I WILL take your advise and produce “How Event Planning Works”!

Darlene Lyons

President , EzEvents, Inc.

Your session was amazing!  I’m a faculty member and migrating my courses to hybrid and online models.  This content will help shape the new look of my courses. I also teach hospitality marketing, so your tips will help me to teach about this new way of marketing. I also loved your equipment recommendations.  I see some shopping in my future!
Leslie Scamacca

Assistant Professor, City University of New York

Good to the point overview of your presentation.

Bob Schuster

National Director of Meetings & Conferences, CMP Meeting Services

You were fantastic. My best session of the day! Your video tutorial was very helpful. But it was also very insightful for me personally! I’ll add a lot more “how to’s”. The fact that you broke it down into digestible steps, including the equipment suggestions, made your talk informative, actionable, and with a potential for high ROI. Bravo!

Kim Estep

President , Convention Nation

I really enjoyed your presentation.  It was informative, straight-forward, quick-paced and actionable – all the things I look for in a presentation.  I am one of the attendees in the Virtual Pass environment.

Diane Murray, CMP, CIS

Dir. of Incentives, Options4Meetings

I enjoyed your presentation at MPI WEC18. You gave great content that was not only easy to understand, but that could be implemented right away.

Claudia Jean Virga

Professional Speaker, TEDx Speaker & Curator, TEDxEustis

“Most impactful and worthwhile session I attended”

I’m a harsh critic – with high expectations – so for me to have several takeaways, that’s big!  Kudos to you. My #1 favorite new obsession is  What a great site for data nerds…oh my gosh.  I’ve shared this with our PR group – they love it, too! Thank you for sharing content that was educational and extremely beneficial.  Your session was probably the most impactful and worthwhile session I attended.

Julie B. Walker, CMP
Corporate Meeting Planner –

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