Video Marketing Tips for your Business Part 1

Hi, this is Antoine with Katapult. Today, I’m doing a video about creating videos for you on your own business. I have seen a few of you giving it a shot and that’s a good thing because it’s all about video and 2017. But there are ways to do it right. And there are ways to do it wrong.

This is a three part video where we’re going to be talking about the equipment, the content and the production.

Let’s get started.

So, if you’re going to shoot videos for your business you need three pieces of equipment you need the camera you need lights. What I have around me and you need a good microphone. So let’s talk about the camera first. There are two options. You have a digital camera which is what I’m using right there which is a Canon camera that I bought at Costco. And you have a mobile phone.

Antoine Dupont, Katapult Markerting, West Palm Beach, FlNow let’s talk about the mobile phone whether you have an iPhone 6 or 7 or send song. Most of these mobile devices now do an amazing job in a really high-quality video so that in my opinion is sufficient.

That’s not all.

The only thing you need to know is that they have a limited capacity. I sold mine. Thankfully Samsung here in the iPhone people has a 32 gig by default with an additional 64 gig chip at the top so I have 96 gigs so I can take all a lot of movie with that phone that might be the case with all phones and just make sure that you have more than enough space on your phone. The second thing is the camera a digital camera like the one that I have right now as I’m shooting this video with about this one Costco it came bottled.

It’s the Canon’s 70. I’m actually reading it in the camera right there. It came with a couple of lenses. It came with a couple of chips. It does really an amazing job. I bought a tripod in addition to that if you really want to do much better quality and do some pan shots and whatnot. I would recommend you add buying a $5100 camera for your business. But for the vast majority of you, this is going to be sufficient.

Now the second piece of equipment you need to shoot videos. Is a good microphone. And that makes the difference between an Okay video or a borderline crappy video and an amazing video.  Let me show you that. Let me record this without the microphone. So this is me. Without a microphone. I actually have this today. Okay. You can’t hear me. Him. Doesn’t sound so good. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So, now that you have seen the difference with and without a microphone. one let me tell you of the two microphones that I have. The first one that I bought is this one which is a wireless microphone that I’ve connected to my digital camera.

It cost me about 150 bucks. I bought it on Amazon and I’ll give you the link. I’m going to put the information there. It really does a great job works with a 9-volt battery has about 20 to a 30-foot range which is more than enough for the vast majority of shots you’re going to do. And I highly recommend as a starter lever the microphone. The second one that I bought that I absolutely love because I travel everywhere with is this little bad boy here and this is a 20-foot cord and I always have this in my bag.

The reason why is because I can connect that to my digital camera but I can also connect that to my phone and I’ve done so many videos and again the reason why I have that is because the difference with and without a microphone is so big that I always have the microphone with garlic so what I do so if I go on site and I want to record a quick video I have my microphone with me. It doesn’t have a battery. All I have to do is connected. Put the microphone on.

I can put 20-foot range and there I am. So this whole thing right there. I bought it on Amazon as well. I know I’m going to give you the link. Right below cost me $20. On Amazon. There is really no reasons why you shouldn’t buy this bad boy. So that. Is what you should do with microphones to get started. And now the third thing and in my opinion also a pet peeve of mine which I think is so important when you do videos is light. And then you do the same test. I’m in a lighted room in daylight and everything but I’m going to turn off the lights so you can see how this video looks without lights.

So here I am. I just turned off the lights and see the difference.

See it’s just it’s it’s not a huge difference because I have a window next to me and it’s during daylight and everything. But it was a little bit darker outside I would make a huge difference. So that’s what it looks like without lights and that’s why in my opinion just a little bit of light makes a huge difference. All right so I turned the lights back on. Now let me tell you what I got for the lighting the first time I got into creating videos for myself and my clients. I looked into professional lighting and it was extremely expensive. I mean I’m talking about things that were the thousands of dollars and I was like whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute. This is like a lot of money. I just wanna try it out and everything. So the first thing I did is I went to Home Depot and I bought a $75 floodlight on a tripod the things that they use in construction sites to flood a room and that is actually what’s looking at me right now. Yeah, a whopping 75 bucks. And on either side of me here I have two white umbrellas.

So the first thing I did is I went to Home Depot and I bought a $75 floodlight on a tripod the things that they use in construction sites to flood a room and that is actually what’s looking at me right now. Yeah, a whopping 75 bucks. And on either side of me here I have two white umbrellas.

I’m going to do a pan shot. You can actually see these things individually. And those two umbrellas with the green kit behind me cost me 150 bucks on Amazon. I’m going to give you the link so if you want to buy that kit it’s a great starter kit. It’s not super high quality but it’s a great way to get started especially at 150 fifty bucks. The other thing that I have is right below me right there. I have a floodlight that’s actually lighting up right behind me. And I have noticed that that makes a huge difference when you’re doing a light.

So right there all the way around me I have about a couple hundred dollars worth of lighting just to make the shot so much nicer and better to look at. So you don’t get yourself a good camera.

A good microphone good lights. And then you’ve got to go. The second part of creating videos for yourself and your business is the preparation. And that’s my least favorite part. Now I’m on this technique with Michael and Amy port Herrig public speaking at it made a world of difference because this is the type of stuff I never did. I just came I went on camera and I made it up as I went along. The problem is that doesn’t really work. Okay.

So let me tell you what you should do. You should actually write the script. This is the script of. This video. So I just basically wrote the general idea of what I wanted to talk about. Okay. And then the second thing is I actually did what is called the table reading.

So I’m just reading the text and I’m seeing if there are things that just do not come out right. You know there is a word that I’m not saying properly because I have an accent. And then just things I get so that a script is really really super helpful. And then the third thing is rehearsing.

You know just rehearse it in front of the camera just do it a couple of times and then just go cameras lights action and just let it roll. So the second part really that is super IMPORTANT is writing it down and create a script that’s going to make a world of difference for your video creation.

Now the third thing you need to know about creating videos is the editing and the editing is the most time-consuming part that is actually the difficult part was shooting the video. The writing the script that doesn’t take rocket science and a thing of any show can be a lot more complex and especially in the amount of time it is going to take. There are two tools that I’ve used. The first one is Temptation. Now I can take the PC and Mac compatible. You download it. I believe it costs about 300 bucks and is going to give you the capability of editing to videos which mean to cut add music add slides on top of that do all kinds of things. The second one is Final Cut Pro which is what I use on the Mac and what I’m probably going to be using to edit this video a little bit more advance a little bit more complicated. You see if you’re in a Mac environment that would be the tool of choice.

The thing you need to remember is extremely time-consuming a 10-minute video can take hours. I could take four or five hours of editing and put clips on top of one another and add music and do all this is extremely time-consuming for small businesses the vast majority of them do not have the skills or the time to do it. So you might need to hire someone to do it or have someone in-house that can help you out with that. Usually, if you are fairly advanced in PowerPoint editing videos is going to be similar and you going to be able to do it.

Bottom line.

But just remember it’s extremely time-consuming. If you want to do it right. If you found value with this video and want to learn more about how to grow your business with digital marketing video marketing Facebook advertising and all that world of digital marketing please subscribe below on YouTube and like my page on Facebook. See you next time!

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