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Antoine Dupont is French and knows a lot about Internet Marketing.


Antoine Dupont has made it his business to make the phone ring. As CEO of Katapult.Marketing, he brings his sense of competition to his client’s businesses.

Katapult is an Internet Marketing company that manages the web presence for business owners, helping them grow their business. They create websites that generate leads and increase their credibility.

Antoine leads a team of playful, yet serious professionals specializing in generating leads for businesses & organizations through internet marketing.


If Antoine is using slides, he will use his own laptop to present. Right now, that’s a 2012 15-inch MacBook Pro with an HDMI port. Antoine will also supply his own presentation remote and VGA dongle.

Antoine will bring:

  • A MacBook Pro with VGA and HDMI connections.
  • A Logitech wireless presentation remote
  • A desktop presentation using Keynote or Google Slides (if applicable) formatted for 16:9 aspect ratio

Antoine needs you to provide:

  • A wireless lavalier or headset microphone
  • AC power for his laptop
  • A projector with VGA or HDMI input
  • A speaker system with a mini plug for audio output from the laptop