36 Jaw Dropping Street Art & Murals in West Palm Beach

Within 3-4 blocks of my office in downtown West Palm Beach, you have those incredible street arts and murals all over the place. One Saturday afternoon, I took my camera and walked around and captured them. I just think it’s really cool to have all this art around us. Enjoy 1- In a back alley

Video Marketing Tips for your Business Part 1

Hi, this is Antoine with Katapult. Today, I’m doing a video about creating videos for you on your own business. I have seen a few of you giving it a shot and that’s a good thing because it’s all about video and 2017. But there are ways to do it right. And there are ways

Insights from the Social Media Marketing World 2017 Conference

I was in San Diego last month at the “Social Media Marketing World“, one of the largest gathering of social media people in the US (over 3,000 attendees). It’s fair to say that the world of social media marketing is fast moving and changing at the speed of light. It’s my job to stay tuned

Why Google Local Listings are so important

If you haven’t heard the buzz already, Google and other major search engines have started to pay a lot more attention to local searches. There’s a good reason why: 70% of all internet searches are for local businesses and 59% of Internauts use Google every month to find a local business. And what we are finding is

What’s up with #hashtags

If you listen to pop culture mavens and celebrities, you must have heard about #hashtags. It seems like everyone is saying “#hashtag this” or “#hashtag that”. You may be wondering “What’s up with #hashtags?” A #hashtag is a word or unspaced phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), otherwise known as the pound sign. It is used to identify messages on a specific

4 ways to use LinkedIn to grow your business

I know a lot of organizations & businesses that have a LinkedIn personal page or an organization/company page….but then what? What should we do now? How is this helping me, my organization, my business? The answer is simple: you need to participate, provide value and be active. Did you know that many large organizations have staffing who

Interesting Facts about Blogs

They are over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet. A new blog is created somewhere in the world every half a second. Most people read blogs more than once a day. Blogs influence purchases: 21%=Decide on a purchase, 19%=Refine a choice, 19%=Get support/answers, 17%=Discover product/service, 13%=Inspire a purchase. Businesses that blog at least 20 times per

How safe is your personal information online?

Over the last few months or so, I’ve learned a lot about how safe or unsafe our personal information is on the internet. Or maybe the question should be “how much of my personal information is out there?”. The answer is a lot more than you think. Now, I’ll address the “safe” issue later on.

Why Google Places is so important

Have you ever done a search on Google for a local business, like a plumber or a bank? You are not alone. According to Google, up to 20 percent of the searches that go through its engine involve a specific location. You might not think that 20 percent is a lot, but think of it this