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Early Life

Antoine was born in Paris, France and raised in the suburbs, in a small town called Montmorency. He lost his father when he was just 6 years old. He and his brother were raised by his mom on her own. After High School, Antoine went to Culinary & Hospitality School in Paris where he graduated in 1983. Working in hospitality allowed him to travel around the world, working in England, Egypt, Switzerland & Mexico. His first job in England was at the 3 Michelin stars restaurant “Le Gavroche” where Gordon Ramsey was the sous-Chef. He moved permanently to the USA in 1989, at the age of 24.

Personal Life

Antoine and his wife Colleen live in West Palm Beach, Florida with their 3 children, Christopher, Lizzie and Charlie.
He loves playing tennis and water skiing on the lake. He is an avid reader, especially books on history or business psychology.
But, there is nothing Antoine loves more than goofing off with friends and family.
Parties are a regular thing at home, for special events or just because.
Life is all about fun.


Antoine Dupont has made it his business to make the phone ring. As CEO of Katapult.Marketing, he brings his sense of competition to his client’s businesses.
Katapult is an Internet Marketing company that manages the web presence for business owners, helping them grow their business. They create websites that generate leads and increase their credibility.
Antoine leads a team of playful, yet serious professionals specializing in generating leads for businesses & organizations through internet marketing.

  • Antoine is truly a web solution professional I'd recommend connecting with. He has deep integrity and is passionate about finding the right way to get a project done so it has legs for years to come. He is my go-to-person for anything related to event planning, event scheduling online. He draws from over a decade of online professional experiences.

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